About Us

The Swedish Grassland Society


– Do you want an overall view on grassland and forage production and utilization?

– Do you want to influence advisory serivces on grassland and forage production and utilization?
Become a member of Swedish Grassland Society!
• We work for profitable use of grass, forage crops and pasture.
• We work to improve the economic and political situation of grassland farmers.
• We influence and support research and advisory services in grassland production.
The Swedish Grassland Society deals with:
• Manure
• Pastures
• Optimized feeding with grass and forage crops
• Crop management, harvesting and forage conservation
• Choice of species and varieties
• Coordinated advisory service
As a member you receive:
• Invitations to different activities from your local Associated Grassland Society.

• Invitations to activities such as summer meeting and annual meeting from the Swedish Grassland Society. 

• Contacts with fellow grassland farmers and others interested in grassland.
• Grass and forage advisory letters with the latest research results and news on grassland.
The annual membership fee is SEK 550, which includes membership of your local Associate Society.
Contact us:
Mrs Linda af Geijersstam, President,
Mr Rolf Spörndly, vice President,
Mrs Nilla Nilsdotter-Linde, Secretary,
Mr Kjell Sandahl, Treasurer,